Leave alone your smartphone – books still are the better presents

Why is it this common that books – in whatever form and with whatever content they may come – are such popular gifts?
What is their very message? Why would you want them in the first place?
In my opinion the printed goods may represent something for us that has the chance to exist forever. Or at least for a rather long undistinguishable period of time. Books may even survive ourselves. Even, or rather, escpecially, in our modern, digital, times more and more out there tend to collect them huntingly as ever before. Some even may write and create their own.

Bewegten Kaffee halt ich mir gerne warm

Ein aktuelles Projekt, eines der letzten Woche nämlich, war die Erstellung einer Kinetic Typography Animation in Adobe After Effects. Vorgaben und Länge waren dabei relativ frei gehalten. Lediglich eine Mindestzeit an 20 Sekunden und die Verwendung einer jeglichen Textur galten als Voraussetzungen anzuwenden.
Was dabei raus kam?

announcing&introducing: prolog

Today is a special day in history. Well, kind of.
At least it is the kick-off and beginning of a new story.
Namely, the story of prolog, a newly established design agency
in Graz that focuses on supporting young and creative artists

A quick one

Hi Lads, some of you might have recognized that something has already changed on the website/facebook page of the ppc club in Graz. Well, things happened quite fast and our work has yet already been established in parts. Thus, we now may also present you the original versions of our… Read More