A quick one

Hi Lads, some of you might have recognized that something has already changed on the website/facebook page of the ppc club in Graz. Well, things happened quite fast and our work has yet already been established in parts. Thus, we now may also present you the original versions of our drafts and the complete design. For the whole redesign please refer here. For the individual realizations of the flyers and posters for each event take a look here. And those that haven’t seen the finished diploma thesis yet, may be interested in... Read The Rest →

ppc stands for proudly presenting corporate design

Just today Tamara and I received some awesome news: Our redesign we did for the ppc club in Graz (which was the topic of our diploma thesis, as I told you before) will definitely be realized this very July. We still can’t believe that this little designer’s dream becomes true, but it obviously does. Gosh! So keep looking in in the next few days for some pictures of our project and keep looking in at the ppc too to grab some of the new flyers. And quite soon you might... Read The Rest →


Well, those of you that really read this blog and also saw the article on galaxy prints that presents the illustration based on such one, know that I longed to get one of those fancy fabrics for quite a long time. AND in the end I found an inexpensive alternative to Kane’s print shirts, like reaaaally cheap! Just feel the need to show it to you, since you might have also asked yourself what the background used for the shoots of the „Relaunch ppc“ diploma thesis book was. See, you... Read The Rest →

New Outfit

Finally, I made up my mind and found out how this very online portfolio and my blog should look like and came up with this wonderful theme. Finally, I found some time to work on this page and show you some of the works I did in the last months. Finally, I will quite soon finish my studies with a final exam in July after having presented my final projects already. Finally, I’m in the process of finishing my website in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned, since still it’s... Read The Rest →

The deed is done!

We* proudly present our diploma thesis in graphic- and communication design entitled „Relaunch ppc“. And as if this wasn’t enough we might even more proudly announce that the redesign we did is most likely to be realized this very JULY!!!. YEAH! For more pictures of the finished book click here. Furthermore, as soon as we decide to publish the outcomes of the redesign, I will of course let you know and present you our work on this very page. Stay tuned and keep looking in! * Well, since some of... Read The Rest →

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