The deed is done!

We* proudly present our diploma thesis in graphic- and communication design entitled “Relaunch ppc”.
And as if this wasn’t enough we might even more proudly announce that the redesign we did is most likely to
be realized this very JULY!!!.

For more pictures of the finished book click here.
Furthermore, as soon as we decide to publish the outcomes of the redesign, I will of course let you know and
present you our work on this very page. Stay tuned and keep looking in!

* Well, since some of you might wonder who “we” is and what this project is all about:
“We” are the graphic design students Tamara Sill and me, Sabrina, of course, who challenged themselves to create a new
design for the “ppc” club in Graz within our diploma thesis. Here’s an excerpt of its abstract:

This diploma thesis focuses on a relaunch of the „ppc“-Club in Graz. Firstly, the term „relaunch“ will be defined and general theoretical principles of advertising will be outlined. Furthermore, an analysis of the company itself will be provided and a possible future situation of the club developed. Therefore, a survey on the issue was conducted, for which 200 local residents were interviewed. Based on its findings and the conclusion of the theoretical part, a redesign of the Corporate Identity of the club will be presented in the practical part of the paper.

And since most of my visitors probably still speak German, the “translated” version would be:

Die vorliegende Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit einem Relaunch des Grazer Clubs „ppc“. Zuerst wird der Begriff des Relaunches allgemein erläutert, anschließend wird eine Unternehmensanalyse durchgeführt, durch welche die Ist sowie Soll-Situation des Unternehmens dargelegt werden kann. Im Zuge dieser Diplomarbeit wurde unter anderem eine Umfrage an 200 Probanden durchgeführt. Basierend auf den Ergebnissen dieser und der Schlüsse des theoretischen Teiles, wird im Praxisteil ein erabeitetes Redesign der Corporate Identity vorgestellt werden.



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