ppc stands for proudly presenting corporate design

Just today Tamara and I received some awesome news: Our redesign we did for the ppc club in Graz
(which was the topic of our diploma thesis, as I told you before) will definitely be realized this very July.
We still can’t believe that this little designer’s dream becomes true, but it obviously does. Gosh!

So keep looking in in the next few days for some pictures of our project and keep looking in at the ppc too
to grab some of the new flyers. And quite soon you might spot some more new stuff there as well!


 And now: champagne, please!

2 thoughts on “ppc stands for proudly presenting corporate design”

  1. reneberghold
     ·  Antworten

    ja bistu!
    mit was für ‘nem theme hast du den diese site gemacht?!
    richtig smooth;D

    • Sabrina
       ·  Antworten

      Hahaha bleib geschmeidig! Danke! Es erwartet dich Post in deinem Maileingang 😉

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