Otl Aicher

Recently, I had to do a presentation on the German graphic designer Otto Aicher in an university course called “DesignerInnen des 20. Jahrhunderts” by Eva Klein. Finally, the first presentation I had real fun to prepare and could really take something out of it. Otl is, at least for me, definitely one of the pioneers in graphic design and typography.

Wer es mit Kommunikation zu tun hat, muss auf Kunst verzichten. – Otl Aicher

Aicher was responsible for several Corporate Designs and their Redesign. The most outstanding might be Lufthansa, Erco and the Munich Olympic Games. Moreover, he is well known for his simplicity that is also mirrored in his famous pictogramms (e.g. for the Olympic Games in 1972). And last but not least, he’s the creator of the Rotis font family, which he titled after a little town in which he lived in the later part of his life.

Good art inspires. Good design motivates. – Otl Aicher

If you want to get some more information on Otl, you can download the handout I did for this very presentation. I hope you like it!

(Please keep in mind that the pictures used in the handout are by Aicher or people presenting his works, if you want the source citation for them, just mail me.)

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