I’m in love with Galaxy Prints, for sure!

Hey Lads.

A Galaxy Print Portrait of Olsen GirlI fancied everything that’s going on out there for my whole life. At the age of four I sat at my window wondering what this shiny points up there were and if they would watch me too. With six years I had numerous books on planets, nebulas and all the cosmic bits and pieces people had already found out there. Only two years later I thought I’d knew everything about it as I was stunned by the total solar eclipse in Europe. And even now, I can’t stop thinking what all this stuff is about and how big and beautiful it is and might be out there.

So as I first saw all this cosmic fabrics going round and all these fancy designs, well mostly for snowboarding companies, stay true, graphics and typography using those delicious pictures from starry clouds and galactic views, I was like: Damn, I need them too, all of them. Never had I been so happy about any trend in graphics or fashion.

That’s why just recently I made an illustration using such a galaxy pattern and well just today I finally bought my first own cosmic print shirt…aaaww. They’re definitely an extraterrestrial inspiration ;)

Here’s what they look like:

- T-Shirts by Christopher Kane

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