Retrospect: Relaunch ppc

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Wow. A year has passed since Tamara's and mine first big project launched its existing. If you might remember, around last year's summertime I introduced you to our diploma thesis, which dealt with the redesign of a local club in Graz called ppc. To this point, everything works out well, their new logo is in meanwhile established throughout the city. And: we're still rather proud of our work.

Retrospect: motte Games


In 2012 Monika Minichberger, Lisa Schantl, Lisa Gaugl and I united in a design collective entitled motte games, which was meant to develop and create a new learning game. The concept for this project under the working title "fungus - deep in the woods" was brought to completion in January 13 and accordingly presented in the very booklet the following pictures try to introduce to you. Here's a short outline what the game and the development process was all about.

Retrospect: animea – The Whole Story


This project focused on the branch of morticians‘s. Firstly, a quite present mortician of the area around Graz, PAX Bestattung, has been introduced and analysed, followed by the presentation of a new idea for a more modern undertaker‘s company.

Die Eule flattert!

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Heute gibt es wohl etwas ganz besonderes für euch. In den letzten Monaten, Wochen, Tagen und Stunden saß ich gemeinsam mit tollen Kollegen an dem einen oder anderen spannenden Projekt. Natürlich werde ich noch von allen etwas berichten und zeigen, aber heute ist erstmal ein kleines Video an der Reihe. Gemeinsam mit Isabel Erlebach und Daniela Gruber durfte ich ein kleines Imagevideo bzw. eine lieb-lustige Kurzdokumentation über das Grazer Eule Koffeinbier und vor allem dessen Schöpfer kreieren. Schaut am besten einfach rein und holt euch eine Eule! Today, I got... Read The Rest →

Let’s Get Down To Business!


I guess, besides having this very web portfolio and blog, networking is one of the most essential things I dare to let people know what I’m doing. Recently, I met quite a number of interesting faces and thought: Hey, will they remember me? Hopefully, but especially when meeting people in long nights, it might be rather helpful to give them at least some mnemonic for remembering at least my name until the night ends and cat day begins. Thus, I began to print my first own business cards. Simple, plain,... Read The Rest →

Marie Pierer, I’m in love with what you do


There are quite a few awesome designer out there. The only weird thing about this is that even our little beloved or hatred town Graz is stuffed with those. One of the most asthetically talented ones that I had the opportunity to already meet is definitely Marie Pierer, graphic designer and make-up artist. Not only she herself is quite a natural beauty, but moreover, her works are stunning. Again, I was the lucky one and had the chance to attend school together with her for 3 years and  have, thus,... Read The Rest →

Tamara Sill, I’m in love with what you do


I’ve been wondering quite a time now, whether I should start to present you other local befriended designers or not. The matter so far has been that most of them just do not have their own websites or online portfolios yet and are just trying to get their career kicked off. Well, basically, the only one who NEARLY finalized her website atm and in the same way my most dearest of all is Tamara Sill. If you have wandered a bit about this site you should already know her. She’s... Read The Rest →

Reading Inspiration/Challenge

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Since I am quite a glutton for books, I realised, I rather should spend winter time reading than going outside in the freezing cold. Thus, I was looking for a new inspiration and some ideas on what to read. Finally, I found this really nice list of books that were mentioned by the character Rory Gilmore, just another book worm, in the series entitled "Gilmore Girls". I guess, I've ever been a bit of jealous for "her" taste in music and literature and even more on her knowledge about both. That's why, I gonna try to be able to keep up and devour some of these works, unless I haven't done so yet (better guess I hopefully read some other stuff in the past years.. ). And I thought, I might give you a try to do so too:

You don’t believe in unicorns?


Sometimes we have to view things from a different point of view. And sometimes designer have to do some shitty weird stuff too. Just for fun. Otherwise we would get rather wasted. That’s why today I rather do believe in unicorns than in humans.  ∆

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