Reading Inspiration/Challenge

Since I am quite a glutton for books, I realised, I rather should spend winter time reading than going outside in the freezing cold. Thus, I was looking for a new inspiration and some ideas on what to read. Finally, I found this really nice list of books that were mentioned by the character Rory Gilmore, just another book worm, in the series entitled "Gilmore Girls". I guess, I've ever been a bit of jealous for "her" taste in music and literature and even more on her knowledge about both. That's why, I gonna try to be able to keep up and devour some of these works, unless I haven't done so yet (better guess I hopefully read some other stuff in the past years.. ). And I thought, I might give you a try to do so too:

You don’t believe in unicorns?

Sometimes we have to view things from a different point of view. And sometimes designer have to do some shitty weird stuff too. Just for fun. Otherwise we would get rather wasted. That’s why today I rather do believe in unicorns than in humans.  ∆

I just…

I just had a walk through Graz, mainly shooting aimlessly around. But then I suddenly ended up at a ... Guess where? Here's the "story".

Keep the streets empty for me

It’s getting quite cold out there and in here. Autumn finally arrived and all I can think of is cuddling in bed, drinking tea and eating ginger bread. But the funny thing is: I just can’t do it. Since I started my studies at the FH Joanneum two weeks ago, all I can think of is stuff like: I have to challenge myself with Processing. And: Holy crap, I will never win this one. So I just party. Thus I thought, well let’s just do something else and remind myself... Read The Rest →

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