Crave you

Have you ever liked a song especially for its lyrics? For its words that you may feel might tell something about your or life in general? Well. I’m with you. Recently, I’ve been doing quite a few text passage „illustrations“ just for the heck of it and just because I felt the need to picture a certain moment that I experienced while listening to a specific song and stance. One of such moments gathered me while enjoying „Crave You“ by Flight Facilities. The very particular line „Why can’t you want... Read The Rest →

Finally, Graz is alive again.

Since Graz is totally a retiree and students city, if you ask me, there hasn’t been going on much in the last 2 months. Due to the summer holidays probably all the cool kids left town and went home for their mommy’s. BUT, soon it’s autumn again and all the party lads reassemble. And we’ll start off with a charity concert today. The CC4C, mainly organized by the advertising agency MMMMR, will take place today, 14th of September, at the Kasematten in Graz. Severel local bands may be viewed in... Read The Rest →

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